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The iHOL group specialises in the treatment and recovery of household and related waste. At the core of its differentiating strategy, iHOL relies on breakthrough processes and technologies at the forefront of innovation.

iHOL,the single group that controls the entire value chain: treatment unit design, construction, operating and maintenance.

iHOL has become a free and independent “pacesetter” in its sector, recognised by its peers, in addition to being triple certified (ISO14001; ISO9001; OHSAS18001) and several times distinguished by its awards. Visionary, endowed with the genuine ability to influence and anticipate the market’s evolution.

iHOL is 81% owned by its management.

exerptise-reactif REACTIVE
exerptise-independant INDEPENDENT
exerptise-sur mesure CUSTOM-MADE
exerptise-technologie TECHNOLOGY
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iHOL Group’s integrated design office conceives waste recovery units that are new and/or to be modernised.

A design cell is set up and dedicated to each project, in which the design office relies not only on its own competencies, but also on the feedback from the operations unit and the maintenance unit: this is iHOL’s strength. Each design is custom made to take into account specific territorial features.

Thus iHOL is, by nature, continuously improving its productions.


Designing treatment units for its customers that are among the most effective in terms of recovery, the most secure, the most ergonomic, the most aesthetic and the most integrated in their ecosystem in line with the economic model defined by the public autority.



iHOL acts as a “general contractor”. As such, it is the sole contact point for its customer and assumes full responsibility for all construction: building and process.

iHOL engineers manage each construction project by ensuring coordination among various experts and partners that are selected rigorously (equipment manufacturer, architect, building company, specialised design office, …).

expertise-construction-1 GENERAL CONTRACTOR
expertise-construction-2 TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES
expertise-construction-3 ECONOMIC CAPABILITIES
expertise-construction-5 INTERNAL COMPETENCES


iHOL operates selective collection, household waste recovery and recycling centre sorting units.

The group is recognised for its management transparency, its high rate of material recovery and equipment optimisation.

The operating teams benefit from the group’s expertise, both in design and construction, as well as technical support and continuous equipment improvement. This makes its approach unique.

Thus, by choosing iHOL, it means the assurance of an operating partner able to optimise and enrich your units on a daily basis.



iHOL personnel is specially trained in all technologies used by the group and in the processes it implements.

Beginning with the design phase, the maintenance teams are associated with projects, simultaneously making it possible to have manufacturing, buildings and equipment that are easy to maintain, and maintenance agents who are fully proficient with their tools.

Thanks to its strong internal competencies, iHOL guarantees an availability rate that is above average and makes the production tool sustainable.