The iHOL Group’s modern technology is honored by the TF1 20h

In its edition of September 23, TF1 reserves a sequence of its journal of 20 hours to the success of the approach “All plastic” in the sorting center SMED, located in Cannes, built and operated by the Group IHOL.

This experimentation currently carried out by Eco-Emballages at the national level through its call for projects has been successfully applied in this unit for almost four years. In order to carry out this operation, the IHOL Group carried out a new configuration of its optical sorting machines in order to be able to separate the new resins and set up a new organization of its teams. It is therefore particularly following this experience feedback that Eco-Emballages has decided to continue this process which has seen, for four years in Cannes, an increase in tonnages and a decline in the refusal rate.

This sorting center, called “Géodeo”, has a capacity of 30,000 t / year and is a showcase of the know-how of the IHOL Group and an example to follow for the eco-organizations that regularly visit many communities from all over France.

TF1 – 23/09/2015

SMED: The Mixed Waste Disposal Syndicate brings together 175,600 inhabitants of the Alpes Maritimes department

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